All levels of sponsorship are available at the Sunlight Supply Amphitheater. Because we are independently owned and operated, our ability to be creative with your sponsorship surpasses other venues. Our ownership philosophy is to develop a minimal number of sponsorships in order to maximize each company’s exposure and message.

Sunlight Supply Amphitheater has a very diverse concertgoer base (every show brings in a variety of fans – old, young, male, female). We attract a dynamic clientele, where a large cross-section of the community can easily become familiar with your brand. We offer the ability to engage directly with a captive audience, to showcase your products and promotions and realize immediate return and/or increased brand awareness.

In addition, we strategically limit the amount of signage available, creating more visibility for you. Your brand messaging won’t be lost. We have specific, targeted signage, located in highly visible locations with the most foot traffic.

Sunlight Supply Amphitheater's ability to be flexible and create awareness and excitement for your company is not found anywhere else in the Portland/Vancouver area. We will work directly with you to develop your sponsorships and maximize your return on investment.

To learn more about how to become a sponsor, call today:

Kathy Russo - Director of Sales, 360-816-7000 or email: